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Papers due that I don't have time to finish without shirking other responsibilities at one of my jobs.

Living with parents who've pretty much given up on even trying to get healthy and start working again.

Living with parents who take advantage of every opportunity to make me feel like I'm not even close to adequate (today's episode was, "Mom drunkenly tells me how immature and lazy I am, and that working two jobs and going to school full time doesn't really mean anything if I'm not a 'good person'". Not kidding....I would give ANYTHING to not have to live here to go to college.)

Not making enough money to pay off my debt and go to school at the same time.

Friends who haven't called me in....about 4 weeks now?

Other friends who seem to only keep me around to try and get in my pants when they're drunk.

This feeling that I'm running in one of those hamster wheels where I work my ass off and don't get any farther.

Something definitely needs to change here.

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Sorry about trying to get in your pants.

Hahahahaha, no Brad, you've never actually tried to get in my pants. At least, not that I remember. There was that one time that you snuck into bed with me and Mark in the middle of the night and we had to kick you out, but I don't know if that counts.

You're insane. That never happened. Or, at least, I don't REMEMBER it happening. Maybe you both snuck into MY bed when I was sleeping. That seems more likely.

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