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Just got off work. A girl left early and my manager asked me if I thought I could handle the whole section myself even though it's only my third day of being a server. So of course I said NO PROBLEM. I ended up rocking it though, made 30 bucks in 3 hours, and at the end of the night Lynn (the manager) told me that even though I've only worked there a week she already thinks I'm her best employee. Blush.

Found out last night that Carl's Bar in New Haven is hiring me also. I start Friday and Saturday working the floor, training eventually to become a bartender. $8 an hour plus tips, much better than my server wages at Munchies, and all of my friends hang out there constantly, so I'll get to socialize and work simultaneously.  AND I start next week watching the most amazing, adorable little girl for eight hours a week, which will add about $150 every month. Not only is the little girl awesome as hell, her mom is awesome as hell, too. I can very much see us becoming good friends. And in a weird twist of synchronicity, Angelique's (the mom) extended family is the owner of Carl's. Creeeeeeppy. 

All of this is good. It means I'll soon be getting out of the debt Ken left me with and saving money for school next year. The only negative part is how insanely tired and busy I'm going to be. No days that I'll ever be off of all jobs at the same time (which is ok for me), and Fridays and Saturdays my day will start at 9am and end at 4 or 5am. Yeesh.

We get the results of my Dad's PET scan on Thursday. It'll tell us how long they think he has. Good thing I have the day off from waitressing in case it's bad news. I don't know if I could muster fake friendliness if it is.

Tired. But I must knit. I haven't knitted in ages.


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